How to add Images

1. Log-in to your WordPress backend

2. You will be logged in on the dashboard(backend of your WordPress website), on the left-hand site Click on media then Add new

3. Navigate to the folder where your images are stored, Select the images/s then click open

4. on the left-hand side, navigate to Pages then click, a list of pages will appear then hover over the page you would like to edit then click Edit

5. The page will load then double click on a gallery element 

6. Click on Edit gallery 

7. You can remove pictures from the gallery by clicking the (X) on the top right of the picture.  you can add pictures to the gallery by clicking add to gallery 

8.  Navigate to the desired picture and select it then click add to the gallery 

9. on the top right of the dashboard, click update to save the changes and preview to see the changes 

Congratulations you have added a photo to your gallery on your wordpress website :)

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